Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I changed the look again to reflect the season. However, I'm not sure that I like how the photos show up on this background. We'll see, I might change my mind. I reserve that right.

In other news, the other night Ben counted from eight to thirteen twice. I have been unable to get him past eleven on repeat attempts, though. It was entirely random, too. I told the car to change the radio station, and after I said the numbers of the station I wanted he chimed in with the counting.

This week Claire's class is studying Japan. So she now says, "sayonara" when prompted, and is learning to eat pretend food with chopsticks. She is thrilled that this week all of her friends are back at school, as a few of them took extra time off last week for Thanksgiving trips. In fact she told me yesterday, when we talked about wearing a new outfit we'd bought at the mall to school, "they're going to be so proud of me!" When I asked for clarification she told me, "My teachers, and all my friends. They're going to be so proud of me wearing my new clothes to school!"

Tonight as I got them ready for bed they were pretending there were monsters in some of the rooms, and running around shrieking. We all went in Ben's room, and closed the door to keep the monsters out. Claire told me they were "just pretend", so I wasn't scared. In the middle of putting on his PJs, Ben said to me, "mon-stah" in a very deep growly voice, and then shrieked this high-pitched piercing shriek. Then he laughed hysterically. Later Claire pretended to zerbert the floor, and told me she'd zerberted the monster. She continued by telling me the monster was in her belly now so he couldn't eat us. Whew! I'm glad she took care of it, I was starting to get worried.

The minds of children are amazing things.

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