Sunday, November 30, 2008

Let the caroling begin!

Well, Thanksgiving is over, which means the Christmas season is officially upon us. Some notables from the last few days:

1. Mom got her usual teasing for her love of Christmas - the Christmas mugs and dishes were out before most people were awake on Friday morning. Uncle Paul decided to protest yesterday morning and for breakfast used a non-Christmas mug, non-Christmas plate, and non-Christmas napkin. He's a rebel that one.

2. Sherryl got to hear some of the fun stories about Uncle Paul growing up - like when he ironed his hair because he was so upset to find out it was curly.

3. Ben playing air guitar to Rocknoceros and watching his reflection in the fireplace doors.

4. The kids dancing with each other at Eric and Jaclyn's party last night, they had more energy and enthusiasm (though a little less grace) than the rest of the people out there.

5. The Hokies won yesterday! Go Hokies!!

Now I'm snuggled under a blanket on my own couch with a kitty purring on my arm, trying to figure out how to get all the cleaning done that needs to get done today before the week begins! Maybe I'll listen to Christmas carols while I do it.

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