Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mother's Night

One of my new favorite nights of the year. Once again I got to go to Claire's school after dinner, and she got to show me three kinds of "work" that she does during the day. This time we did the matching game, flag learning, and the sound box.

On the way there she told me, "Mother's night is not my favorite night because I can only do short work, and all the work I want to do is long." She seemed to recover her enthusiasm once we got in there. I was slightly mortified because her current favorite phrase is, "oh darnit!" and she said it over and over again. When the teacher said she needed to move on to show me something new because we'd spent nearly half the time on the first "work" on the list she said it, and then she was told there was only 7 minutes left and she said, "only 7 minutes left! oh darnit!" Then again when she dropped some colored pencils while carrying them back to the shelf. We had a little talk when we got home about it, so hopefully she's not teaching her entire class to say it. Or if she has it will start to subside.

Her teacher told me that everyday after lunch she and another 4 year old in her class that she's friends with decide together if they want to work with the kindergarteners or play. Apparently this other girl always thinks for a minute and then says that she wants to play, so finally this week Claire said, "You always just want to play! I'm going to work today." This is the second time this year that her teacher has noticed her making up her mind about something and standing up for herself, not just going with the flow - good work, Claire! Don't forget that lesson - you'll need it all your life.

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