Sunday, November 02, 2008

Two more days.

Oh I am glad that the election will be over soon. Although I've been able to participate in some interesting conversations over the last few months I am so tired of the endless commercials, phone calls, and people knocking on the door. No matter how many times we tell people on the phone that we have definitely decided and who we are voting for they keep calling to check. I am more than ready for some change, but I don't want to spend the next 48 hours hearing about it. Wouldn't you rather see something adorable?

Last weekend we were invited to a Halloween party. The kids had a blast - here is Ben, having already shed his costume, playing the drums.

The cutest little puppy dog tail.

A very sweet kitty cat climbed into my lap!

And oh yeah, we also brought home these two adorable kittens last weekend. Meet Penny and Papaya - they are sisters, although they look nothing alike. Penny is the gray and white one, and Papaya would almost fool you into thinking she was a pure-bred Siamese if it weren't for her sweet white little paws. They are such a sweet addition to our family, and we're all having lots of fun with them.


KimJ said...

Kitties! *squeal* So cute!

It's actually quite common for kittens from the same litter to have different fathers. I asked the vet why that was once, and got more information on feline mating rituals than I needed. :)

Carol said...

joys of being in a swing state..and pbly having a land line....we haven't had so much as one flyer!!

also..very jealous on the kittens...i just need a house..then kittens will follow (and if dave has his way..a dog)